Travel Arbitrage

You can go from having no status with SkyTeam to SkyTeam Elite with just two or three weekends or short trips and at a cost of less than €1500 if based in Europe.

Flying Blue has a ridiculously odd system as a Frequent Flyer program which uses Experience Points or XPs as a currency to calculate status.

This creates an excellent opportunity to Arbitrage status efficiently. But there is a catch, this works best if in Europe. You can also do it in the Americas but at a higher price point 

If you start from Zero, you can book one of these 6 flight runs and accumulate 90 XP points in one weekend at a cost of €450-650 depending on your point of origin.  The rule of thumb with XPs is that under €10 an XP is good value. Here are samples from Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom all under €6!

Then with just one normal international flight such as BCN-AMS you have obtained Silver status. 

This in itself isn’t that great and your XP calculator resets to Zero.

You now have 12 months to accumulate an additional 180 XPs to obtain Flying Blue Gold which translates into SkyTeam Elite+ status.

The benefit of Silver status is that you can now redeem miles for Air France in First Class.

Another easy way to obtain more XPs have been some of the fare sales with Aeromexico (108 XPs) or even Air France from Tel Aviv to Georgia (96 XPs) as a vacation / XP Run.

Recently, Alitalia had an excellent Black Friday sale that allowed flyers to obtain XPs at an almost unheard of cost of just €4 per XP!